BA (Hons) Degree in Performance Industries

The BA (Hons) Degree is a ‘top-up’ which can be studied across two or three 12 week semesters depending on how much time you are able to commit to your studies. It is an ideal platform to develop and apply your music performance, production and/or entrepreneurial skills while developing your career prospects.

How long will it last?

You can choose to study full time (2 x 12 week semesters) or part time (3 x 12 week semesters).

Entry Requirements

This BA (Hons) Top-Up is designed to follow on from a Foundation Degree or HND in Music Performance/Production/Business. The course will suit experienced individuals of any age who are already working in the music indsutry OR have recently completed one of the above qualifications.
For those looking to gain fast track entry in the absence of relevant qualifications, it is expected that you will have 5+ years of demonstrable experience in your chosen discipline.
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What subjects will I study?

Our BA(Hons) performance industries has been developed to be inclusive and flexible, with every effort taken to afford students the autonomy to select a pathway that matches their skill set and learning aspirations. Currently there are 3 pathways available:

1. Music Performance

University Ensembles, Music and the Moving Image, Employability and Enterprise in Music, Independent Study, The Professional Project (double credit module)

2. Music Studio Production

Studio Production, Music and the Moving Image, Employability and Enterprise in Music, Independent Study, The Professional Project (double credit module)

3. Music Business/Entrepreneurship

Music Business Management, Critical and Contemporary Issues in Performing Arts Management, Employability and Enterprise in Music, Independent Study, The Professional Project (double credit module)

Modules Overview:

Professional Project (40 credits):

A double credit module studied across two 12-week semesters. The professional project allows further opportunity for students to specialize through the selection of one of the following project options:
• Performance – 45minute solo/accompanied performance
• Music Technology/Production – 30 minute portfolio of studio-quality recordings
• Songwriting – 30 minute portfolio of original songs
• Composition – 30 minute portfolio of original composition
• Events Management – Planning and management of a commercial event.
• Dissertation – 12-16,000 word dissertation on a research topic of your choice

Employability and Enterprise in Music (20 credits):

A single credit module in which you will be required to plan, organize, rehearse and stage an event.

Independent Study (20 credits):

In this module you will focus on a creative subject of your choice, researching and presenting your work as a business portfolio.
Music and the Moving Image (Performance and Studio Production Pathways):
You will have the opportunity to research music used for animation, film, TV or computer games before composing a soundtrack for a one moving image taken from a selection of four short movies.

University Ensembles (20 credits – Performance Pathway):

Students will rehearse with two ensembles (one of which music involve 5 or more musicians) to prepare and deliver a 25-minute performance with each.

Studio Production (20 credits – Studio Production Pathway):

You will develop the common music production skills employed in the creation of professional music recordings.

Critical and Contemporary Issues in Performing Arts Management (20 credits – Business Pathway):

This module aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore a critical and contemporary theme in the performing arts and incorporate this into the planning, staging and evaluation of an event.

Music Business Management (20 credits – Business Pathway):

Students will develop the music industry business skills, methodologies necessary to manage the legal, reporting, financial, economic, personnel (human resources), interpersonal and sales & marketing issues that face contemporary music business professionals.

What happens next?

Following successful completion, you may progress to post-graduate level study e.g. MA and Cert Ed programs.

Fees and Funding

Fees per academic year are £5995.

£2997 per semester (2) for full-time study
£1,999 per semester (3) for part-time study.

Subject to eligibility you can apply for a student loan to cover fees.

Please visit for more information of student finance.

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