8th July 2018 / Dan Donnelly

Having left The Wonder Stuff, I quickly found myself in a new band. The Celtic Social Club. A French band […]

29th March 2018 / Dan Donnelly

Once again I’m sat in the lounge on a tour bus. Heading to Liverpool for a 12 date tour with […]

24th March 2018 / Dan Donnelly

With a tour coming up the word that most musicians hate tears it’s ugly head… REHEARSAL! This inevitably means playing […]

12th November 2017 / Dan Donnelly

That’s The Wonder Stuff finished for 2017. It’s been a fairly quiet year which is why it’s important to have […]

9th November 2017 / Dan Donnelly

Here she is in all her glory. Tammy Wynettes old touring trailer Unfortunately it’s full of tat. Apparently you used […]

9th November 2017 / Dan Donnelly

This year has been a quiet year for The Wonder Stuff. Which has been good. I have had a lot […]

14th July 2017 / Dan Donnelly

The last of the students are filtering out of the Academy for the year having passed their courses, well done […]

21st December 2016 / Dan Donnelly

As many of you know Christmas means everyone going out a lot… that means lots of gigs. Bands also tour […]

10th November 2016 / Dan Donnelly

I’m an old guy for a musician…. I have a promising music career behind me!  The great thing about getting […]

3rd November 2016 / Dan Donnelly

When you are an old musician like me that had been around the block people get tired of your Schtick! […]

12th June 2016 / Dan Donnelly

Today I am on the Isle of Wight playing along side Queen, Mike and the Mechanics and Nikki Sixx from […]

11th June 2016 / Dan Donnelly

Today is the Queens 90th Birthday celebrations in TriniTy Square Gateshead and our students are out in force leading the […]