In a survey of over 5000 working musicians, researchers from the Berklee college of music found that the average wage of those working in music was in the region of £35,000 p.a and that for more than half of respondents, this income was generated from a portfolio of 3 or more musical jobs. These findings are mirrored in the feedback of AMS’ graduate population. Of the 75% of our BA graduates that have secured music industry employment within 6 months of completing their course, a large number are working across multiple musical and managerial positions as they carve out their career in the industry.

“ The BA prepared me for working in the industry. It allowed me to understand how a self-employed musician makes a living and what they have to do in order to keep gaining work.” – (Michael Mackay, BA(hons) Performance Industries,)

“ The course content was varied, with business skills and lots of practical music skills. I’ve used all the skills I learned on the course in the year since I graduated and I think it’s made a real difference to how I regard myself as a creative professional.” – (Jena Thomson, BA (hons) Performance Industries)

For those working in today’s modern music industry a flexible approach to employment will help you secure a more stable income.

With fast track entry, student funding and flexible learning hours available, the AMSonline BA(hons) in Performance Industries program could help you to unlock new earning opportunities as a working musician. For more information, please call our AMSonline advice line on 0843 224 9300, or visit