For most musicians, playing, creating and performing are things we are passionate about. Things that we HAVE to do, not just want to do. By developing your instrumental, creative and performance skills through practice, you will have amassed a great deal of experience that can be rewarded with FAST TRACK entry to the final year of the AMSonline BA (hons) in Performance Industries.
C Hargreaves CroppedFor those with previous experience of making and playing music, gaining a BA(hons) qualification can take as little as 12 (full time) or 18 (part time) months of  study. This is made possible through a process known as recognized prior learning, or RPL. RPL is a commonly used process in education aimed at “widening participation’ and inclusivity.
The process involves mapping your previous musical experiences against the knowledge and competencies that someone would expect to develop in the early years of a degree. One of our AMSonline advisors can provide a preliminary eligibility check in as little as 15 minutes, putting you on a FAST TRACK path to achieving BA(hons) in as little as 12 months.

 To find out if your eligible for direct final year entry to the AMSonline BA (hons) performance industries, call 0843 224 9300 to speak in confidence to one of our team, or visit and enquire online.