Lockdown Listening from our Exeter team.

AMS Exeter’s Jemma Sloman has curated an incredible playlist for us – perfect soul food for all your lockdown listening needs. It includes Students and Staff members past and present of AMS Exeter, with all the sounds from our South West centre and hub, buzzing under the umbrella of one perfect little playlist.

So what’s in there? It’s truly packed full of goodness, featuring tracks like Pattern Pusher‘s Crazy Enough, and Shakey, Lizzie Kirwan’s The Unknown, Shake the Geek’s Jenga, and Bad Screens from First Person. Perfect to get tucked into on one of these quiet – or not so quiet – lockdown days.

Plus the playlist also features two tracks from the new band and product of lockdown, Wired Design – made up of two of our Exeter staff members; Jon the Level 3 course leader and Jordan our Exeter technician.

Get locked.