The task of recording, producing, mastering and burning a live album takes a little while right? Not for KT Tunstall! Her recent ‘Live at the Barrowlands Ballroom’ release was actually recorded, mixed, mastered and even burned to CD on the very same evening of the performance.

Album Artwork

Academy of Music & Sound students from Glasgow were on hand to help out by volunteering and assisting the production team. The album was recorded at the Barrowlands Ballroom on the 9th March 2019.
The following students from Glasgow’s Academy of Music & Sound were involved:
Jamie McAuley, Heather Gaffney, Julie Cullen, Lillias Hobson, and Lauren Glancey, as was assistant Centre Manager for Glasgow, Marc Sharpe.
The students got to see the sound checks, watch the show, and the recording process, as well as assisting with the burning of the live CDs, packaging and distribution.
What a great experience!