Guitar Audition

Our auditions give us the opportunity to find out where you are in terms of your instrumental ability, knowledge and technique. They also give us the opportunity to find out where you want to be, and for us to give guidance on how we may be able to help you get there.

What will I do at my audition?

You will be asked to play a rehearsal piece of your own choosing. Please ensure that your rehearsal piece is at least 1.5 minutes long and no more than 3 minutes long.

You must either play to a backing track, or with an accompanist, or unaccompanied. It is not permitted to play along with a full recording of the song which includes your own part. You can choose to bring your own accompanist, or if you wish to send notation and a recording in advance then the tutor will be happy to accompany you.

You should practice your piece with a metronome at home before the audition, to make sure your timing is solid. You can use a metronome in the audition as well if you want to, but you don’t have to.

When you are playing your rehearsal piece:

  • If you make any mistakes, play on! Try not to stop and repeat phrases.
  • Focus on the clarity of your notes and the tone production, not on being ‘flash’.
Audition Details


1 Hour


You will also be given some audition exercises as follow:

  1. Play a major scale over two octaves.
  2. Play a major scale with a metronome between 80bpm – 110bpm in quarter and eighth notes.
  3. Improvise using the blues scale.
  4. Play a II V I chord sequence
  5. Take turns with your tutor to improvise over the backing track at this link: Click here for backing track using as your starting point the main A Section licks from the notation attached. You can find a complete version of the tune here: Full version of track (view notation here).
  6. 2 x “fill in the missing bars” exercise.
  7. Who is your favourite guitarist and why?
  8. Musical recall exercise as directed by your assessor.
  9. Name notes on the fretboard as directed by your assessor.
  10. Play the assessor a rehearsal piece of your choice. Your piece should be between 1.5 – 3 minutes in length.