The Corn Exchange in Exeter has come alive with the sound of riffs, as it plays host to Mansons Guitar Show 2017! We went along to the show this weekend and it’s a big year for Mansons Guitar Shop as it celebrates its 25th year of trading! The show was jam packed with world renowned exhibitors including Mansons (duh), ‘Taylor Guitars, Orange Amplification, Ibanez, Laney, Vox, Music Man, Yamaha, Ashdown, boutique makers including Bare Knuckle Pickups, Heistercamp Straps and creative smaller enterprises such as Millman Guitars and Andy Manson.’

One of the first people through the doors happened to be an alumni student from Southampton, who actually BUILT a guitar. Check Hugh Manson checking it out –


Check out the line-up of the days show below:

10am                   Doors Open
10:15-10:30        Ellie Rialas
10:45-11:00        Jas Morris
11:00-11:15        Quiet Time
11:15-11:30        Duel with The Devil (Strings & Things Area)
11:45-12:20        Alex Hutchings
12:35-13:00        Yamaha “Ton Made Achievable” Part 1
13:00-13:15        Quiet Time
13:15-13:30       Duel with The Devil (Strings & Things Area)
13:30-13:50        Andrea Braido
14:10-14:30        Yamaha “Tone Made Achievable” Part 2
14:45-15:15        Bernie Marsden
15:30-15:55        Kris Barras Band
16:15-16:30        Aziz Ibrahim
16:45-17:00       Duel with The Devil (Strings & Things Area)
17:00                   Raffle Prize Giving
17:30                    Show Close