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While you certainly don’t need a degree in music to get gigs, join a band, enjoy or even get paid for making music, there is much research to support the fact that for many musicians, a music degree is the key to unlocking new career opportunities.
If you are struggling to establish a sustainable career in music, despite years of practice, experience and hard work, an AMSonline degree may be the essential ingredient  to help you achieve your goals.

Musicians with degree’s find it easier to secure work in education, either by qualifying to deliver lectures at college level, charging more for private lessons or gaining access to the cert ed post graduate qualification that allows them to teach professionally in schools. Many musicians use teaching as a stable supplement to their income, allowing them to pay the bills while continuing to pursue their artistic and performance passions. Teaching can be hugely rewarding and may lead to gains in playing/practice I’ve always felt my teaching improves my performing and helps me to have an intelligent approach to my own practice” – (Alex Laing, Guardian)

How’s aboutthe development of transferrable skills and qualities? Having a degree can help to show that you have tenacity, that you see things through and are ultimately committed to your music. What about IT skills, networking, business and events management? These are all areas that you will develop through AMSonline’s BA(hons) in performance industries.

“ The BA definitely opened by eyes to the concept of having a portfolio career in the music industry…….,it showed me how easy (with the right mind set) having a career in music can be” (Alyssa Renwick, BA (hons) Performance Industries)

If you’re keen to create new opportunities in you musical career, call AMSonline on 0843 224 9300 and see if you can gain FAST TRACK entry into the final year of our BA(hons) Performance Industries. Visit for more info.