In this specially curated short course, you can expect to learn what really makes a brand stand out. From the development of branding to methods for music promotion, UK music industry structures, and the roles of different industry experts, this course sets out to offer an accessible starting point to the music industry.

Please note: You can only participate on one short course at a time

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Delivered: Online or In-Person

The Course

You will have the opportunity to learn about working practices within audio for games (using FMOD and Unity) and at the end of the course, you will have a small portfolio, showcasing your abilities.

As the course is accredited by the SQA, you will have three units to add to your CV.

What are you waiting for? As this is a FREE course, spaces are very limited, so don’t wait around and miss out.

Equipment Needed

  • Notepad and pen
  • Wired headphones
  • 1/4 inch jack adapter (for in-person)

Downloads needed for Online

You will need to download Reaper which can run on both Windows and Apple-based machines.

You can download a trial of Reaper via Download Reaper Trial

Other additional software will be required such as FMod and Unity which can also be downloaded via the links provided. You may have to create accounts in order to download.

Please ensure you check the minimum system requirements displayed to ensure your machine can optimally run any software downloaded.

In Partnership with


  • Dates: Saturday 28th January to Saturday 11th March
  • Duration: Every Saturday for 7 weeks
  • Time: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Software: VCV Rack
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  • Dates: Tuesday 21st February to Thursday 4th April
  • Duration: Every Tuesday and Thursday for 7 weeks
  • Time: 18:00 – 21:00
  • Software: VCV Rack
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Course FAQ's

Course FAQ's

All of our free short courses are accessible to those currently residing in Scotland and available to those aged fourteen and above. 

We often get this question but honestly, there’s no catch. One of the main reasons we can deliver a variety of free courses is through our partnership with Fife College which we are very honored to be working alongside.

Our free short-course delivery is now over six years long and we have issued qualifications to over two thousand students!

Your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) is displayed directly under your name on any formal certification you’ve been given after your exams in High School or if you’ve achieved qualifications from a HE or FE college or university.
If you cannot find your SCN number you can reach out to the SQA for assistance

If you are studying at home you must provide all of the equipment in order to facilitate your studies. If you are studying at one of our centres in person we recommend looking at the equipment specifications list so you can start day one prepared and ready!

You are more than welcome to participate in our short courses even if you are undergoing full-time studies elsewhere. We do recommend that you check the dates of the course so they do not conflict with your other studies and that you make sure you aren’t overloading yourself with too much work.

All modules are delivered in partnership with the SQA. You can find full descriptions of these modules online via the SQA website.

  • F58M Appreciation of Music
  • F5DY Sound Design
  • F5DW Sound Engineering and Production
  • FH63 Creative Project
  • HW4W Digital Media: Audio

As this is an academic course in partnership with Fife College and the SQA our courses do have paperwork and assignments to complete, this helps us determine your level of understanding so we can help you develop and deepen your knowledge

All courses are different; your course tutor can provide further detail for additional information.

Participating in courses that you may already be familiar with can be a great way of continuing your own CPD (continual personal development)

Although you may be experienced, adding additional qualifications can be a great way of showing other institutions or employers that you take your own development seriously.

Furthermore, you have the potential to meet like-minded individuals who all share the same passion as you. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

It’s always best to attend as much as you can however we do understand that opportunities or sometimes life gets in the way. All we do is recommend that we ask you to contact us as soon as possible so we can notify the tutor and support staff.

This is so that we can make sure tutors have a plan or are aware so they can help you catch up with any lessons you’ve missed.

We love chatting to potential students, if you’d like to contact us you are welcome to email [email protected]

What People Say


The course was excellent and bridged both my love for games and audio. Thanks AMS


Gave me a whole insight and understanding to how game audio works, tutors very experienced


I am a sound engineer by trade and this course was perfect to understand a section of the industry I had little knowledge of. Thanks to all the team at AMS.


I took part in this course as I want to move on and study video game development when I leave high school. It gave me a lot of experience.

Common Questions About AMS

AMS is an independent music academy specialising in post-16 music performance and production education. We prepare students for a career in the modern music industry with recognised qualifications, with options to study in-centre or online.

We have a variety! You can view all of our active short-courses here –

Of course! We always recommend checking the events page as you can sign up for one of our Open Events that give you a comprehensive taster of what it’s like being a student at AMS however, if you’d like to know right away you are welcome to contact our Glasgow office on [email protected]

You are more than welcome to drop by and visit the centre any time however so we can ensure that all of our attention is on you (it can get really busy from time to time!) if you could call in advance, a member of our team will book time for your visit.

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