9th July 2016 / News

For most musicians, playing, creating and performing are things we are passionate about. Things that we HAVE to do, not […]

6th July 2016 / News

In a survey of over 5000 working musicians, researchers from the Berklee college of music found that the average wage […]

3rd July 2016 / News

While you certainly don’t need a degree in music to get gigs, join a band, enjoy or even get paid […]

30th June 2016 / News

In the wake of the recent rise in hate crime and the shootings in Orlando, our students have started a […]

30th June 2016 / News

If you already have access to an internet connected computer workstation, and your instrument, you’re ready to go! All of […]

27th June 2016 / News

The Academy of Music and Sound offer a Fast Track to a BA hons  for professional musicians who can demonstrate […]

24th June 2016 / News

The Academy of Music and Sound has developed a range of courses for serious musicians with professional goals. We have a […]

23rd June 2016 / Edinburgh

Our Scottish centres  are please to announce that this Summer they will be offering both weekend and week intensive courses […]

21st June 2016 / News

The Academy of Music and Sound has a long standing relationship with the music industry, and we understand the skills […]

19th June 2016 / News

Completing a BA Hons degree is a commitment from you in both your time and financially. We’ve addressed your time […]

16th June 2016 / News

Thanks to our Recognised Prior Learning scheme, working musicians can fast track to the final year of their BA hons […]

13th June 2016 / News

Investing in a degree is a commitment in both your time and finances. However, studies have shown that this investment […]