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Why not check out our new sound production guide curated by our expert tutors. This set of resources offers advice, tips & tricks and fun exercises to try before classes start.  

We are running a variety of short sound production courses across the end of 2022. Courses typically run over 6 sessions, are entirely free to those 14 and over residing in Scotland. Courses are SQA accredited and taught by industry professionals to provide you with the most up to date relevant industry knowledge. 

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Written Resources

Shure Microphone Techniques for Recording

Shure have been a leading manufacturer of audio electronics since 1925. In this written guide, you will find information on microphone techniques for different instruments, a glossary of commonly used terms and more.

If this guide fits your interests our free Intro to Studio Recording short course may be a great opportunity for you. Find out more here.

SoundOnSound – Sound Advice

Got a question from arranging, to softwares to sampling? Have a browse on the Sound Advice section of the Sound on Sound website.

Audio & Visual Resources

For those who prefer audio / visual resources, here are some YouTube recommendations covering production techniques and tips and tricks to use when producing.  

Why Logic Pro Rules – Logic Tips & Tricks

SoundGym – Ear Training Games

Ear Training games from by Sound Gym designed to develop your skills in frequency detection, compression, reverb recognition, delay timing and more.

Andrew Huang – Music, Sound & The Creative Process 

Andrew Huang creates engaging music and sound content over on YouTube. From different producers reworking the same samples to innovative music making techniques, these videos are a great way to get excited about producing your own tracks.

Pensado’s Place

Top mixing engineer Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick talk all things audio in their weekly show. The show includes interviews with top music industry artists, engineers, producers, mixers, and record executives, as well as in depth tutorials in engineering and mixing.

You can find more information on our free courses and upcoming dates below, any queries you may have about the course don’t hesitate to get in touch with our short course team, we’re always happy to help.