Phil Braithwaite, Guitar Legend heads to our Swindon centre, and impresses our students!

Phil Braithwaite is a session guitarist, songwriter, producer, musical director, composer, teacher and author based in London. He currently is the touring guitarist for Vanessa Mae and has worked with Westlife, has written songs for Rhianna and Kelly Clarkson, has composed music for the American Horror Story TV series and is the author of two books on guitar techniques – just to name a few!

Students really enjoyed the masterclasses and he passed on a lot of great advice and knowledge about employability in different sectors of the music industry.

Some feedback from our students:

“Very interesting and informative”

More ‘real world’ information and knowledge. Gave a good insight into the music industry.”

“Super cool guy. Really like him!”

“Very useful class, lots of tips and so interesting.”

“Extremely good information and provided drive
and motivation to get up and do something with
music and not sit around. Really enjoyed it.”

““Really informative and really relaxed masterclass.
I have learnt loads and have come away with a
Whole bunch of ideas. I think that I will be able to
take the stuff I have learnt away and apply it to my
music. He has also given us a whole load of

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