We’ve teamed up with new platform musicmasterclass.com to offer students free online tutorials

Here’s what they’re all about…

musicmasterclass.com is the new tutorial website from Kevin Harding – Founder of the Academy of Music and Sound. Set to launch on Friday 10th April 2020 with a series of free online classes with Kris Barras, Tom Baxter & Phil Henry. We’ve joined forced in order to offer our students some extra online learning material during this period of self-isolation! 

musicmasterclass offers a unique opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your musical expertise in just a few clicks. For the first few weeks, Music Masterclasses will showcase free expert sessions with artists who have an expert niche of musical expertise in areas such as Blues Guitar, Blues Harmonica, Songwriting and Slide Guitar.

“The plan is to add new artists regularly that will not only enthral viewers with their superb skills, but educate anyone with a passion for improving their instrument/songwriting techniques and to learn about the real world of working in the music industry.” Says founder Kevin Harding. 

The new project is a collaboration between the Academy of Music and Sound and Studio54 in Exeter (where many of the classes have been filmed), with the first few classes to be made free, and directly available to students during this moment of isolation and social distancing. Going forward, AMS students will get a discount code for half price access to classes, while paid subscriptions will be available for anyone in the future. 

Students can watch the first online masterclass with Kris Barras via the Academy of Music and Sound website now. Plus get to know Kris, host of the first few sessions we’ll be sharing with our students, in the clip below.

Stay tuned!

We will be releasing lessons from Music Masterclass each Wednesday exclusively for users of this website: so look out each week.

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Other classes available now on musicmasterclass.com include:

  • Tom Baxter teaches Songwriting
  • Phill Henry teaches Slide Guitar
  • Phill Henry teaches Blues Harmonica
  • Kris Barras teaches Guitar

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