6th October 2020 / Edinburgh
Want to stand out from the crowd? It’s not too late - find your edge and get a cut above [...]
2nd October 2020 / Glasgow

What a month for releases! You can listen to our October Spotify playlist featuring some of the very best ones, […]

30th September 2020 / News

We all love a good Christmas song. And we know it’s a little early to be thinking about the C-word, […]

30th September 2020 / From The Blog
Welcome back to "Many Hats", the career blog series where we explore the various jobs, opportunities and career paths available [...]
25th September 2020 / From The Blog

What was the most challenging bit of starting out in the industry? It was – and still is sometimes – […]

15th September 2020 / Events
According to 'Counting the Music Industry', a study conducted by Vick Bain published recently in Music Week,  just over 14% [...]
15th September 2020 / Exeter

TEDxYouth at Gandy Street is a virtual conference coming to Exeter on the 21st of November. They are looking for […]

14th September 2020 / News
AMS Alumni Michael Rennie has been killing it drumming for hugely successful hip-hop-punk-pop infused artist YUNGBLUD. Read more about their [...]
8th September 2020 / News

  Andrson, an A.I. artist discovery platform, has launched Uploaded – an international song competition offering emerging musicians the chance […]

8th September 2020 / News

Some excellent news has just come in! Our partner university, UWL (University of West London) has climbed an impressive 23 […]

2nd September 2020 / Edinburgh
Academy of Music and Sound’s free online short-courses have returned for 2020-21 offering ‘Sound Production’ and ‘Hip-Hop and Rap Beat-making [...]
20th August 2020 / Exeter

AMS Exeter is set to welcome a wave of new students, as record results from this years class of 2020 […]