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Study Composition at the Academy of Music and Sound and increase your expressive powers, technique and musicianship through 1-1 tutorials and small group sized settings taught by a professional composer who is still current and working in the music industry.

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Study Composition

Looking to take your music composition skills to the next level? Studying music composition at The Academy of Music & Sound could be a great option for you in order to develop your music composition. With our 1-1 tutorials and small group settings, you will receive professional, personalised training from a fully qualified composer who is currently working actively within the music industry. This means that you will be leaning from someone who is fully up to date with the latest trends and techniques in music composition, ensuring that you are receiving the best instruction possible.

At The Academy of Music and Sound, our composition discipline is designed to help you improve your existing expressive techniques and musicianship. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, 1 to 1 tutorials, and practical assignments, you will gain the skills and knowledge required to become a successful composer. Additionally, you will also have full access to a wide variety of lectures in the performing arts sector, giving you a well-rounded education in music composition.

Nowhere else will you have access to masterclasses led by world-class musicians and industry professionals. These music composition classes will give you the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and successful musicians in the world, who will share their real-life experiences and best practices with you.

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Music Composition Course Details

Composition is about individual expression. Through tutorials with your first study composition tutor, you will develop your expressive and technical abilities with a view to helping you to explore the music you want to write and to working towards expressing your ideas, thoughts and feelings to a professional standard through your music.

We help you discover who you are as a composer; what is it you have to say and how can you best say it? Do you want to write for Games or film? Do you want to write for bands, virtual instruments or the concert hall?

Our first study tutorials are tailored to your individual needs to help you grow and develop. Using the music you are composing as a starting point, these tutorials cover areas such as harmony, rhythm, structure/form, orchestration/instrumentation, concept, technique, repertoire. In addition, you will also take part in a listening class with your fellow composers in order to explore interesting and unusual music, to discuss and debate the music you hear together and to develop the analytical and critical skills essential to understanding what makes any music tick, including your own.

We have a diverse team of composers at the Academy, each with their own specialism and expertise and you will study with who best suits your needs.

At the end of the year you will have the opportunity to hear some of your music performed by a visiting ensemble or group.

We have a comprehensive enrichment programme which includes one-to-one careers guidance, masterclasses and seminars from a wide range of visiting guest speakers,, Study Skills, Life Skills (which covers physical, mental and emotional wellbeing) Entrepreneurship classes.

You’ll get to do all this, and more, then you’ll have everything you need to step straight into the music industry and kick-start a meaningful, sustainable career. Not bad, right?

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Meet Our Composition Tutors


Every composer is different – you all have your own interests and ambitions. We always strive to improve your music composition abilities and work alongside in achieving your goals so you can steer the composition course in the direction you want.

All of our music composition students feel part of a wider music community and can with others in the years above and below (their words, not ours!) We strongly believe that music isn’t a hobby, it’s a professional career path key in many sectors of the creative industries, from performing as an original or cover band to creating and composing for film, television or video games, opportunities are there.

As a student you can also become involved in our student body from being an elected student ambassador for your year group. You can become the voice of your year raising positive elements or any concerns. Get involved with members of staff and help us steer the AMS ship in the right direction.

We’ve worked closely with industry professionals and our music course is designed by musicians for musicians, we feel that increased technique and performance training increases wellbeing, core knowledge increases confidence.

Hone your skills and expand your horizons. It’s all designed this way so you can make your own personal achievement. Becoming a professional composer can take you to places you never thought were possible.

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Learn for Life

When your academic journey with the Academy of Music and Sound concludes, we don’t see this as the end of your interactions with us. We love seeing what our former students are working on outside of the academic realm. Finishing your education does not mean that learning stops and we would like to continue and encourage learning.

As alumni, we will send out future invitations to a select number of masterclasses for the foreseeable future so that you can keep up to date with how the music industry is evolving or you’d just like to see what other professionals have to say/offer.

We always welcome further communication, keep in touch, and let us know what you’re up to!

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