Our HNC in Music is the first year of our HND in Music, available as an independent qualification but designed to be followed-up with our HND. Partially funded by SAAS (Scotland), it is a 1-year course suitable for all musical disciplines and instruments. Curated and delivered by music professionals, it is available in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Both centres boast state of the art teaching & rehearsal rooms, mac suites, recording studios and a team of professional tutors. By the end of the HNC students will be qualified to start straight on our HND (+ 1 year).

Keen to get ahead?

Plus if you’re keen to get ahead, we have a Fast-Track option available for 2021: Fast-Track your way through the HNC in just 7 months – and be ready to start the HND in August/September 2021! Find out more on our dedicated pageAvailable in Edinburgh only.

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  • Undertake a key role in a band
  • Engage in a recorded music performance
  • Gain experience as a session musician
  • Compose and perform your own music
  • Collaborate to create original music
  • Develop and refine lyric writing skills
Career-focused modules
  • Creative Industries
  • Professional Practice
  • History & theory
Course Details

Many of our students are now working in music – find out more on our alumni page. There are countless career opportunities for musicians including performing, writing and recording music, releasing music on streaming platforms, gaining a social media following, teaching, or indeed a combination of various paths to forge a multi-faceted income base. During your time with us, besides industry networking, you will gain transferable skills like communication, personal development and teamwork. You will be able to progress to study and completely a HND in Music, after the first year HNC. 

During COVID, we have also introduced the option to Fast-Track through our HNC in just 7 months with our new scheme. Students who start in January 2021 will be qualified and have a whole host experience under their belt by the start of August 2021. Find out more.

Course Units

Music History 1
Creative Industries Infrastructure
Music First Study 1: Instrument
Live Performance Skills
Music: Instrumental Accompaniment (Glasgow)
Songwriting 1
Graded Unit 1: Music
Music Theory 1
Professional Practice
Stagecraft for Musicians
Working in Creative Industries
Music Second Study 1: Composition
Music Sequencing (Edinburgh)



So many of us have lost out on gigs and opportunities this year, and while things are difficult, a music qualification might just be the edge you need. Those after something a little different from a music qualification look no further than our fast-track HNC scheme.  The partially SAAS funded HNC in Music (at Edinburgh only) is specifically designed to help musicians get ahead and give them an edge in a competitive industry, and could be the perfect opportunity for those musicians feeling a little lost this year.

Through our Fast-Track scheme you can get a qualification in just 7 months, fast-tracking your way to the start of a HND starting in Autumn 2021 – your ticket to getting a full degree in just one third of the time. With the sector facing some of its biggest ever challenges, this might just be the ideal time to expand your skill set, and develop your expertise. Because if not now… When?

  • Level: 4
  • Length: 1 year
  • Fees: Partially SAAS Funded
  • Study Locations: Edinburgh • Glasgow

Audition & Interview

We understand everyone has different life experiences growing up, and we look to recognise potential and welcome everyone from different backgrounds. As such, if you do not have a Higher English or Music we will still accept your application.

If your application is accepted you will be asked to perform and speak to one of our members of staff during an interview and audition. Providing you are well-rehearsed and are passionately invested in your own learning and improvement you could well be part of our musical community very soon! Our approach is certainly different than the current norm and we will continue to have an open approach and increased inclusivity to our courses. If you’re talented and passionate about what you do, then you deserve to be recognised.

How To Apply