21st June 2016 / News

The Academy of Music and Sound has a long standing relationship with the music industry,and we understand the skills and […]

19th June 2016 / News

Completing a BA(Hons) degree is a commitment from you in both your time and financially.We’ve addressed your time commitment by […]

16th June 2016 / News

Thanks to our Recognised Prior Learning scheme, working musicians can fast track to the final year of their BA(hons) qualification. Our […]

13th June 2016 / News

Investing in a degree is a commitment in both your time and finances. However, studies have shown that this investment will […]

12th June 2016 / Dan Donnelly

Today I am on the Isle of Wight playing along side Queen, Mike and the Mechanics and Nikki Sixx from […]

11th June 2016 / Dan Donnelly

Today is the Queens 90th Birthday celebrations in TriniTy Square Gateshead and our students are out in force leading the […]

10th June 2016 / News

A degree is an important part of progressing your career as a musician, many jobs, including teaching and lecturing, require […]

31st May 2016 / News
Higher Education is more than just a course at the Academy of Music and Sound Higher Education at the Academy [...]
31st May 2016 / Exeter
Newton Faulkner delivers a fantastic masterclass at the Academy of Music & Sound in Exeter We were very lucky recently [...]
28th May 2016 / Dan Donnelly

Last night we played the town that I live in … Stockton. The show sold out pretty much instantly!  Which […]

26th May 2016 / Dan Donnelly

Tonight I’m doing a gig in Den Haag In The Netherlands. I used to play here a lot when I […]

13th May 2016 / News
Photo's from the events This week Edinburgh held two end of term gigs for their BA and HNC students. Well [...]