Health & Wellbeing

We take the wellbeing of our students extremely seriously. Individuals in the creative industries put their emotions and vulnerability up for judgement; we understand the impact and anxiety this can have on confidence. We help support our students, not just in their study and career, but also personal life, to develop the tools to cope and channel these pressures.

Whether you are on or off stage, your physical health can be affects, so we offer guidance specific to hazards you may come across while working in the industry, such as taking care of yur hearing and voice, to repetitive strain and health and safety at music events.

Unfortunately, we are not trained professionals in physical or mental health and can only help to a certain extent, but we will always be willing to lend an ear or signpost to those who can offer specialist guidance.

Students With Disabilities

We are committed to providing all our students with the ability to access education and all that it has to offer. It is an exciting journey and our aim is to ensure that your learning experience is rewarding and enjoyable.

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