Women in Music (Empowerment and Employability Short Course)

Course Overview

This course is designed for anyone identifying as female who wishes to enhance their knowledge, network, and toolkit with the aim of being employed in the music industry in any capacity.  

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Course Details

This course will be hosted by industry experts sharing their valuable insights from their time in the music industry. 

As the music industry is complex, diverse , and multi-dimensional it can be difficult to know what path to choose or even what path is right for you. 

If you want to be involved in the  music industry, then this course will help you identify and begin to develop the skills you need to effectively compete in the music job market.  

Taught by industry professionals, the course explores the different career opportunities in the music industry which are of interest to you. 

Together, we match these opportunities to your current skills and qualities in whatever areas interest you most.

We spend time creating your music CV and discuss how to perfect your interview technique. We explore what it’s like to be employed in the music industry. You will also take an in-depth look at various music management roles and create your own artist development plan.  

Our course is SQA accredited. On successful completion, you’ll also receive a SQA Employability Award and a SQA certificate in “Music Management”.  

Additional Information

This course is available for those who reside in Scotland and are aged fourteen and above.

Note: You can apply and attend only one course at a time

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Online Weekend Classes

Dates: Saturday 11th June to Sunday 26th June
Duration: Every Saturday & Sunday for three weeks
Time: 10AM-4PM
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This short course is the first step in your musical career, and  there are many routes you can go down to further develop your skills.

After completing this short course, you could enrol in Fife College’s full-time Sound Production Course.

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