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Find out more about the short courses available in the upcoming semester at our Scotland centres. Our short courses focus on sound production, music business, hip-hop and rap and much more. Please note, this semester all short courses will be adapted for Online use rather than in-centre. For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Course Details

Sound Production (online)

This free, taught, online program will explore the fundamentals of recording theory and best practice through streamed group classes and individual 1-1 lessons with our experienced industry professionals. These classes are focused on exploring the dynamic range of recorded material and equalisation techniques applied to various genres and styles. Towards the end of the course, we will also be exploring employability within the creative industries and various opportunities while working towards a professional portfolio. Open to anyone currently living in Scotland.

Glasgow Dates (2020)

  • Starting Monday 21st September and concluding Friday 2nd October.
  • Starting Monday 12th October and concluding Friday 16th October.
  • Starting Monday 9th November and concluding Friday 20th November.
  • Starting Monday 7th December and concluding Friday 18th December.


  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, Starting November 10th till Thursday 17th December (18:00 – 21:00)

Edinburgh dates (2020)

  • six-week course (with classes on Saturday and Sunday) starting on October 17th 


WiLMS Songwriting Workshop (online)

These creative classes will focus on improving your songwriting techniques, lyrical writing techniques, and also help with improving melodies and chord progressions. As part of the course, you will have to perform your original material in front of other peers which leads up to a final performance towards the end of the course.

Glasgow Dates (2020)




Rap and Hip Hop Songwriting / Beat Making Workshop (online)

A new addition to our programme, our Hip Hop, Rap & Grime workshop will include making your very own songs, lyrics, and exploring various production methods around beat making. This free short-course will provide an introduction to the essentials delivered and has been curated by award-winning Hip Hop artist, Steg G.

By the end of this course, you should feel more confident with your lyric writing, song structure, production skills, music theory basics, and music production techniques with access to industry-standard music production equipment and software. This program is open to anyone currently living in Scotland.

Glasgow Dates (2020)

  • Starting Monday 28th September and concluding Friday 2nd October.
  • Starting Monday 12th October and concluding Friday 16th October.


Women in Music Empowerment and Employability (online)

Our Women in Music: Empowerment and Employability Course is designed to give you the knowledge, practical awareness, and confidence to create your own opportunity’s in life and within the music industry. We want to help you feel confident and use your voice where  “Girls should be seen not heard” is still a dominant mentality. Join us and meet like-minded women, tailor your CV, and gain priceless interview skills.

Edinburgh dates (2020)

  • This is online course will take place over two Weekends, starting on October 3rd and ending on October 11th.


Digital Synthesis and Sampling ONLINE

Our Digital Synthesis and Sampling Short Course offer you the chance to learn how to program and use an Axoloti synthesizer. On completion of our free course, you will even get to keep your synthesizer! Our program has been developed in-house using Working in the Live Music Sector framework.

Glasgow dates (2020)

  • Level: 3
  • Length: Various
  • Fees: FREE
  • Study Locations: Edinburgh • Glasgow
How To Apply

Apply via the link below being sure to select which location you want to study at. We're looking forward to receiving your application.