Short courses will give you hands-on experience, access to industry knowledge, professional equipment and a host of other useful skills and knowledge. On successful completion, you will be awarded a BTEC Level 3 and throughout the whole process, you will receive guidance and support from one of AMS’s specialist trainers.

500 Students
60 Professional Tutors
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Course Details

When submitting your application, you do not need to complete a comprehensive account of your history however, it would be great to read about your interests. Please also specify which date you would like to attend in order for us to complete your booking faster and more efficiently. 


Sound Production 1 Beginners

Do you have an interest in sound production? Or just want to learn how to record your own music at home? Our free Sound Production short course offers a comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know about recording techniques.

This includes recording live instruments, MIDI recording, layering, mixing, mastering and more.  With access to industry-standard audio equipment and software, as well as expert tutors to get you up to speed, the course is a perfect introduction to the modern recording industry.

Glasgow dates (2019)

  • We currently have no evening classes available.
  • Saturday 23rd November full-day classes (every Sat 10AM – 5PM) for six weeks and concluding Saturday 11th January.
  • Sunday 24th November full-day classes (every Sun 10AM – 5PM) for six weeks and concluding Sunday 12th January.

Edinburgh dates (2019)

  • Saturday 16th November full-day classes (every Sat 10AM – 5PM) for 6 weeks concluding on Saturday 21st December 2019.

To apply for this course please complete the form HERE


Sound Production 2 Advanced

Building on the skills and knowledge from our first Sound Production course, this new programme will explore the fundamentals of recording theory and best practice. These classes are focused on exploring the dynamic range of recorded material and equalisation techniques applied to various genres and styles. Towards the end of the course, we will also be exploring employability within the creative industries and various opportunities while working towards a professional portfolio.

It is highly recommended that you have completed Sound Production 1 before applying for the follow-up course


Glasgow Dates (2019)

  • we currently have no dates available. More to be announced shortly.

Edinburgh dates (2019)

  • Sunday 17th November full-day classes (every Sun 10AM – 5PM) for 6 weeks concluding on Sunday 22nd December 2019.

To apply for this course please complete the form HERE


Working in the Live Music Sector Songwriting Workshop

Hosted with our in-house songwriting guru Zac Scott these creative classes will focus on improving your songwriting techniques, lyrical writing techniques and also help with improving melodies and chord progressions. As part of the course, you will have to perform your original material in front of other peers which leads up to a final performance towards the end of the course.

Glasgow Dates (2020)

  • Saturday 25th January weekend (Saturdays 10AM – 5PM) and concluding February 29th 2020.

To apply for this course please complete the form HERE

Women in Music Empowerment and Employability

Our Women in Music: Empowerment and Employability Course are designed to give you the knowledge, practical awareness and confidence to create your own opportunity’s in life and within the music industry. We want to help you feel confident and use your voice where  “Girls should be seen not heard” is still a dominant mentality. Join us and meet like-minded women, tailor your CV and gain priceless interview skills.

Glasgow dates (2019)

  • No dates currently running.

Edinburgh dates (2019)

  • Thursday 7th November week intensive (Thurs – Sun, 10AM – 5PM) and concluding Sunday 10th November.


  • Level: 3
  • Length: Various
  • Fees: FREE
  • Study Locations: Edinburgh • Glasgow
How To Apply

Our FREE short courses are available in our Edinburgh and Glasgow centres, please apply via the link below being sure to select which location you want to study at. We're looking forward to receiving your application.